The People

Board Of Directors


Chair Person:   Gwen Robinson

Vice Chair:  Don Morton

Secretary:  Dee Byers

Treasurer:  Tom Barber

Director:  Darcy Campbell

Director:  Phyllis Smith

Director: Kathleen Rogers, Donna and Mike McCague (not pictured)

Also pictured: Shirley Gleadall, retired Director

The entire Coldwater Mill Heritage Foundation (CMHF) Board of Directors were on hand to see their Chair, Gwen Robinson receive the General Heritage Preservation Award in November, 2015.  This prestigious award was presented by the History Committee of the Orillia Museum of Art & History in recognition of Gwen's contribution and service to Coldwater and the CMHF.  Gwen stepped into the role of Chair in 2012, and has worked tirelessly with a new Board of Directors to revitalize Coldwater's most historical and significant building into an active community venue.